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19 July 2016

Work Experience at Cambridge University Press

Every year, year 10 students from local schools come to work at Cambridge University Press in different departments, to get a taste of the working world. They are also offered advice on guidance on applying for jobs and apprentices after school, college or university. Hear from a few of 2016's cohort below:

Thisath – Education Marketing

During my time here at the Education department of Cambridge University Press, I’ve learnt a lot of new skills and have managed to develop my existing skills. I learnt how to use social media and email campaigns to promote a product, using the most efficient words and imagery to make sure the product is emphasised in the right way. I also learnt some new Photoshop skills, and applied my existing knowledge to create a collage for the release of a new book series, which is now part of the main website.

Overall, I feel like this week has been immensely productive and useful to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I realised that ‘going to work’ isn’t that huge of a shift from school life, and it isn’t nearly as hard as it was made out to be. I would overwhelmingly recommend this placement to anyone who is interested in building a knowledge of digital marketing or publishing, as it is a very rewarding experience! 

Giulia – Finance

During my work experience I have been working on the computer, carrying out various type of activities. First, every morning I downloaded all the data archived the previous day and saved it onto the computer; then I inserted the cheques data received onto a spreadsheet, and allocated all the payments received throughout the morning. In the afternoon I used to do the batch of bank transfers, allocating all the bank transfers in the computer, and making sure that they are balanced. 

Carrying out these different types of activities I have gained a good idea of how work in an office is, and I have learned how to be organised, manage my time and use my communication skills. This work experience has been really useful and I have had an amazing time at Cambridge University Press. 

Francesca – Cambridge University Press Bookshop

Before starting my work experience at the bookshop, I was nervous because I’d never properly worked at a job all day. I went into it without any expectations because I was so nervous I didn’t really have space in my brain for that, so I only began to realise what was going on when I started to think about what I’d done this week. 

I didn’t really have anything to worry about, I realise now, because everyone was really friendly and answered my extensive list of questions when they came - which was frequently, as I didn’t know where all the books went, or how to work the till properly. 

I really enjoyed learning how to work the till, how to count the money and seeing how a shop is run. It was a really interesting and useful experience that I have enjoyed and will benefit from in the future.  

Alex - Library Marketing

My Week at Cambridge University Press has really been a great introduction to the world of publishing and specifically the marketing aspect of it. I have really been intrigued by all the different departments there are here and how there is more to marketing than just advertisement. There’s lists to complete, spreadsheets to fill out, websites to update and many more technical elements to marketing that I really didn’t know about before I came here. I enjoyed getting quotes for promotional items and being tasked to find out the number of eBooks and journals for each subject for the subject bookmarks. 

I’ve also enjoyed talking to the people working here, they’re kind, friendly and give good advice about what you can do to get into this field and it’s always nice to hear different stories on how they ended up here. I have been told what attributes and characteristics you may need to get a job in marketing such as people skills and how to present a CV to an employer. They are never shy to answer any questions you have which is great for me because I am trying to get the most out of this week as I possibly can (which I think I have). in the other students doing their Work Experience in different departments. I am proud to say I have had the experience of working at the oldest publisher in the world.

Rachel - Finance

I have really enjoyed work experience at Cambridge University Press in the Finance department. I have developed many skills, including organisation, communication and team work skills as well as increasing my overall confidence. Also, I have learnt what an office environment is like and how to write a CV including the transferable skills I have learnt in group sessions in my work experience.

I was in Sales Accounts where I shadowed a member of staff and learnt how to input invoices onto programs like A2R and I processed CJO sales logs onto A2R. As well as this I learnt to input sales and credits from a program called the dayend onto excel sheets. On my second week of work experience I was in Royalties where I learned more about what a “royalty” is and I created an author account on SAP. 

The Press ran a transferable skills group session for us, which I found very useful. We were given information on how to write a CV, and advice on how to use our experience at Cambridge University Press by about the transferable skills we have developed from it. I got the chance to meet Peter Phillips, the Chief Exec of Cambridge University Press, too.

I have thoroughly enjoyed work experience and appreciate the opportunity I had. I have learnt lots and have developed many skills while learning valuable information about what it is like to work in an office environment and more about the working world.

Alice – Education

I had a wonderful time in company. The atmosphere was really nice, everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I discovered how the press actually worked and how every divisions work together. I did have a brilliant time and I very much appreciated having different tasks from different divisions to do, such as doing some research on a specific theme for the Professional Development team or on the Cambridge University Press website and the lists of prices on an Excel spread-sheet to see which books follow students from primary school to A-levels (for the Marketing team), doing loop-cards and presentations on Word (for the Professional Development team) or analysing feedback responses on SurveyMonkey. Those tasks gave me a more internal view of how each divisions work. I would love to come back and stay for a longer work experience, maybe in Professional Development or in Marketing.

Sophie – Facilities Management

I enjoyed my placement in Facilities Management very much! 

From day one I learnt about contracting: where an exterior company has to provide all the information of what they are going to repair, rebuild, extend etc. I also had a tour of the whole site which included the museum which allowed me to gain background knowledge of the Press. I spent the next days counting the number of site plans there were on the different parts of the Cambridge University Press. As an aspiring architect I realised that I would have to produce similar site plans of varying sizes using CAD, which made me like the career even more!

I would recommend Facilities Management to anyone who is thinking about a career in architecture, and surprisingly law too, which made me happy, since those are the two careers I'm most interested in. I have received a huge head-start of information and experience, I'm thankful for everyone from the Cambridge University Press.


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