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Nobel Laureates

Publisher of over 60 Nobel Prize Laureates

Nobel prizes have been awarded since 1901 in recognition of an individual or group’s contributions to ‘the greatest benefit to mankind’ in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, Peace, and later Economic Sciences.

We are proud to have published the works of over 60 Nobel Prize Laureates. These esteemed academics have contributed in more than 100 titles, in topics as varied as consumer behaviour, structural proteins and quantum mechanics. Nobel Prize Laureates who have published with Cambridge include such names as Albert Einstein, Steven Weinberg, Douglass C North and Angus Deaton. Cambridge is also proud to have published the works of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

In 2017, two Press authors were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize.  Kip S. Thorne, editor of Quantum Measurement was jointly awared the Nobel Prize in Physics, and Joachim Frank, editor of Molecular Machines in Biology was also jointly awared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

In 2018, co-author of the Press-published Industrial Pricing in the United Kingdom, William Nordhaus, shared the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences.

See below the full list of Nobel Prize Laureates dating back to 1904.

Nobel Laureates

Nobel Prize Laureates who have published with Cambridge

Niels Henrik David Bohr (Physics 1922)
Werner Karl Heisenberg (Physics – 1932)
Sir Charles Scott Sherrington (Medicine – 1932)
Erwin Schrödinger (Physics – 1935)
James Chadwick (Physics – 1935)
Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett (Physics – 1948)
Sir John Douglas Cockcroft (Physics – 1951)
Lord Alexander J Todd (Chemistry – 1957)
Max Ferdinand Perutz (Chemistry –1962)
Eugene Paul Wigner (Physics – 1963)
Max Born (Physics – 1964)
Nicolay Gennadiyevich Basov (Physics – 1964)
Richard P Feynman (Physics – 1965)
Derek HR Barton (Chemistry 1969)
Simon Kuznets (Economics – 1971)
Dennis Gabor (Physics – 1971)
Kenneth J Arrow (Economics – 1972)
Burton Richter (Physics – 1976)
James E Meade (Economics – 1977)
Sir Nevill Francis Mott (Physics – 1977)
Herbert A Simon (Economics – 1978)
Steven Weinberg (Physics – 1979)
Abdus Salam (Physics – 1979)
James ChaSubramanyan Chandrasekhar (Physics – 1983)
Gerard Debreu (Economics – 1983)
Richard Stone (Economics – 1984)
Franco Modigliani (Economics – 1985)
James M Buchanan Jr (Economics – 1986)
Wole Soyinka (Literature – 1986)
Robert M Solow (Economics – 1987)
Pierre–Gilles de Gennes (Physics – 1991)
Robert W Fogel (Economics – 1993)
Douglass C North (Economics – 1993)
Sir Harold W Kroto (Chemistry – 1996)
William Vickrey (Economics – 1996)
Claude Cohen–Tannoudji (Physics – 1997)
William Phillips (Physics – 1997)
Amartya Sen (Economics – 1998)
Gerardus ‘t Hooft (Physics – 1999)
Martinus JG Veltman (Physics – 1999)
James J Heckman (Economics – 2000)
George A Akerlof (Economics – 2001)
Joseph E Stiglitz (Economics – 2001)
Daniel Kahneman (Economics – 2002)
Vernon L Smith (Economics – 2002)
Clive WJ Granger (Economics – 2003)
Anthony J Leggett (Physics – 2003)
Edmund S Phelps (Economics – 2006)
Leonid Hurwicz (Economics – 2007)
IPCC (Peace Prize – 2007)
Elinor Ostrom (Economics – 2009)
Thomas A Steitz (Chemistry – 2009)
Christopher A Pissarides (Economics – 2010)
Peter A Diamond (Economics – 2010)
Christopher A Sims (Economics – 2011)
Alvin E Roth (Economics – 2012)
Angus Deaton (Economics – 2015)
Kip S. Thorne (Physics – 2017)
Joachim Frank (Chemistry – 2017)

William Nordhaus (Economics - 2018)


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