Call for Papers for The Cambridge Education Research Series

Call for Papers for The Cambridge Education Research Series

In collaboration with the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education, Cambridge University Press has produced a new series of high-quality books, The Cambridge Education Research Series.

The Cambridge Education Research Series consists of three strands of publication representing three fundamental perspectives:

The Teacher Education strand focuses on a range of issues and contexts and provides a re-examination of aspects of national and international teacher education systems or analysis of contextual examples of innovative practice in initial and continuing teacher education programmes in different national settings.

The International Education Reform strand examines the global and country-specific moves to reform education and particularly teacher development, which is now widely acknowledged as central to educational systems development.

Books published in the Language Education strand address the multilingual context of education in different national and international settings, critically examining among other phenomena the first, second and foreign language ambitions of different national settings and innovative classroom pedagogies and language teacher education approaches that take account of linguistic diversity.

We welcome proposals for monographs or edited books addressing key issues in one of the above mentioned areas. Proposals should include work that is grounded in empirical evidence. To express an interest in contributing to the series and for more information please contact Professor Colleen McLaughlin cm10009@cam.ac.uk, or Dr. Michael Evans mje1000@cam.ac.uk, from the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.