Cambridge Elevate editions are digital versions of our comprehensive textbooks, available through our new digital teaching and learning subscription service.


Cambridge Elevate offers rich digital content to engage and motivate students and includes a range of tools available online through browsers, or offline through iOS or Android apps, so students can access the content anytime, anywhere.

Available as part of a print Student Book and digital bundle or as a standalone digital product, our forthcoming Cambridge Elevate editions and enhanced editions offer a flexible learning solution.

Cambridge Elevate enhanced editions can include rich additions to the text to facilitate learning such as: video, animation, test and assess quizzes, enhanced glossaries, games and other interactive features, enhanced high-res zoomable images, and slide-shows.

-  Teachers can create student groups to use their selected resources, annotate text with highlights, notes and audio notes and message and send annotations to the students via the platform.

-  Test and Assess quizzes give teachers an overview of test results from student groups, identify specific questions and individual student results and monitor class and student progress.