Accessing Cambridge Elevate

1. Upon purchase, the main administrator will be sent the Cambridge Elevate login details and password. Only the main administrator is sent login credentials. Teachers will register through codes distributed by the admin and students will register through codes shared by the teachers.

2. Administrators create Teacher Access Codes for teachers to use (administrator accounts also have teacher functionality).

       -  Administrators are not required to create Teacher Access Codes for titles Teachers have purchased Book Codes for. Please see this list for titles that still require Teacher Access Codes. (link to list).  

3. Teachers use the code to self-register at, or, if they’re already registered, enter it under ‘Add Books’ in the top right hand of the screen.

4. Teachers create student groups, which have an associated Student Access Code.

5. Students can use the Student Access Code to self-register at, or, if they’re already registered, enter it under ‘Add Books’, or ‘Join a Group’ in the top right hand of the screen. All codes created by the admin are for teacher use only.

Please note

If you had requested and been granted admin rights, you will need to log out after being granted rights and then log back in for the changes to be registered.    

Granting Administrator privileges

The main administrator is nominated by the school at time of order placement and set up by Customer Services. They will receive an email from with their username and password. The main administrator can give admin access to other teachers in the school under the Manage users tab by pressing the User icon next to the relevant user to see their details and then pressing the Edit button and selecting ‘Give administrator rights’.

Managing users and licenses

Deleting groups and/or users

Go to Manage groups and select the bin/trash icon to delete a group. A student cannot be removed from the school, but can be removed from a group. 

Reallocating licenses

If a student has been removed from a group the licence will be credited to your school’s Cambridge Elevate account from which the Main Administrator is free to distribute as necessary.

Resetting /changing the password of a teacher or student

Under the Manage users tab, press the Person button to see the user’s details and the Edit button to change them.

Admins can fix errors in names and email addresses as well as reset passwords.

Student and teacher activity

The administrator can see who has registered within the system, but cannot see login activity or any detailed information, such as account activity, annotations, or messages.

"Sensitive" information

The administrator has access to name and email addresses, and can see details of the titles teachers and students are allocated to. They cannot see passwords, or any account activity. The administrator can change email addresses and reset passwords if needed.