• Is Cambridge Elevate WCAG AA compliant?

    Presently, we are working to ensure that Cambridge Elevate supports Section 508 accessibility, moving towards WCAG2 AA accessbility conformance where possible.

  • Can Cambridge Elevate be configured for users with dyslexia?

    Cambridge Elevate web reader can be accessed through different browsers, some of which can be more readily configured to support users with dyslexia.

    Maxthon (http://maxthon.com - an external link)

    This web browser can be configured with a customer 'night mode', giving extensive control over the colour of page backgrounds and most text components.

    OpenDyslexic (http://opendyslexic/download/ - an external link)

    OpenDyslexic is an opensource typeface that is freee to use, and is specifically designed to facilitate ease of reading for users with dyslexia. It can be installed as an extension to be used across a range of browsers.

  • What accessibility is built into Cambridge Elevate?

    Cambridge Elevate also provides a font switch and resize function to toggle between serif and sans serif typefaces.

  • Do screen readers work with Cambridge Elevate?

    Cambridge Elevate can be configured to work with screen readers - navigation and content is hierarchically and semantically structured.