National Mathematics Conference 9

Date: 11th of March 2017
Location: City Academy Bristol, Russell Town Ave, Bristol BS5 9JH


Join hundreds of colleagues in collaboration at the UK’s largest day conferences for mathematics teachers hosted by La Salle Education.

La Salle Education is a UK based company dedicated to improving mathematics education. Our company consists of leading experts in mathematics teaching and learning, having been responsible for some of the major reforms in education in both the UK and overseas.

The key to improvement is to understand the entire process from teaching, learning, assessing and development. This is why our approach 'Complete Mathematics' provides a collaborative environment for each of these phases.

We believe that the answer to true improvements in mathematics education lies within the profession. 350,000 mathematics teachers and educators can be a powerful force for good when they work together. At La Salle, we are sure that bringing teachers and educators together in a long-term professional learning network can help each and every one of us to improve as teachers and bring benefits to the children in our care. The National Mathematics Teacher Conference and our other events will provide the forum for such collaboration.

Vist the conference website for more information or to find out about our presence at this event, please contact Chloe Harvey.

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