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Stakeholder communications 

A key component of stakeholder buy-in to any change is engagement. Effectively communicating a cohesive and aligned message to all stakeholder groups is critical to the success of education reform initiatives. It involves understanding the needs of teachers, students, parents, ministry staff and other stakeholders and ensuring they have a clear understanding of the education reform plans, the process of implementation and the impact it has on them and the country. 

By using communication to address education stakeholder concerns and promote engagement, the able to: 

  • Better manage stakeholder expectations 
  • Analyse and address gaps in stakeholder understanding
  • Support change management and address stakeholder resistance  
  • Build trust and improve decision-making 
  • Reinforce reform messages and key objectives 
  • Builds champion of change across stakeholder groups 
  • Encourage collaboration and sharing of ideas 

But the biggest challenge is how to utilise the wide range of communication channels to effectively communicate and engage with multiple stakeholders. At Cambridge, we’re experienced at creating and implementing communication plans that help stakeholders to understand government efforts and drive the education reform vision.  

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