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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

June 15th 2019 0

What is it like to record your own audiobook?

Author Mike Berners-Lee gives us an insight into what it’s like to record an audiobook version of his book “There is No Planet B” “ When I write, I am thinking of myself talking, which is why people say my books sound chatty and wh…

June 14th 2019 0

The Holocaust and New World Slavery

It is almost inevitable that conversations regarding the Holocaust will generate questions of comparison to other historical instances of mass death. And, conversely, it is almost unavoidable when discussing instances of mass death to to ask how event X o…

June 13th 2019 0

Is Religion-State Separation Possible in Islam?

In both academia and the media, a well-known perception is that Christianity essentially embraces religion-state separation whereas Islam essentially rejects it. Defenders of this perception provide some textual evidences. To show religion-state separatio…

June 13th 2019 0

The life changing magic of (LGBT+) stories – Charlie Rose Crimston, Michael Thai, and Fiona Kate Barlow

The 1999 film Boys don’t cry tells the heartbreaking true story of Brandon Teena, a young transgender man from the American Midwest who was brutally raped and murdered for having the courage to express his gender identity. Hilary Swank won an Academ…

June 8th 2019 0

Mental Health Providers’ Duty During the Measles Outbreak

The current outbreak of measles across the United Kingdom, United States, and other industrialized nations has given rise to bitter conflict about vaccinations. Mental health providers may not intuitively think that they play an important role in this con…

June 7th 2019 0

Nuclear Weapons: Still a Threat to Public Health, and Growing

Many health professionals understand that there are myriad and horrific immediate health consequences of the blast and thermal effects of nuclear bombs as well as predicted long-term effects such as “nuclear winter” (Erwin, et. al, 1962; Solom…

June 7th 2019 0

The Promise of Early Franciscan Theology

For generations, early Franciscan theology has suffered either from relative neglect or from various narratives—partly responsible for its neglect—which have tended to downplay its significance. One such narrative was propounded even by the fe…

June 7th 2019 0

The Promise of New Sexual and Gender Identities for Young People – Jen Gilbert and Sharon Lamb

How does the sexual development of children and youth change in response to shifting cultural norms? Or, how do children and youth’s experiments in identity shift our taken for granted ideas about gender and sexuality? Young people around the world …

June 6th 2019 0

Social Change, Animal Rights, and Incarceration

It is widely known that the American criminal justice system is uniquely punitive, and that the harsh carceral and collateral impacts of tough-on-crime policies have disproportionately burdened the poor and persons of color. Among progressive social movem…

June 4th 2019 0

Who will date a trans person? – Karen L. Blair

Regardless of your current relationship status, imagine for a moment that at some point in the future you were to find yourself single and looking. Under such hypothetical circumstances, which of the following people would you consider as a potential dati…

Cambridge Core


Advancing learning, knowledge and research.

June 14th 2019 0

Can we predict breed suitability for different environments?

The animal article of the month for June is ‘Use of Geographic Information System tools to Predict Animal Breed Suitability for Different Agro-Ecological Zones’ Predicting breed suitability is challenging in livestock production…

June 12th 2019 0

Celebrating Law & Social Inquiry

Cambridge University Press was proud to chair a session at this year’s Law and Society Association Annual Meeting in Washington DC to commemorate the journal Law & Social Inquiry’s move to publication with Cambridge in 2019.…

June 6th 2019 0

Will Innovations Disrupt Existing Regulatory Frameworks?

In May 2013, Defense Distributed, an online open-source organisation, released a plan called ‘The Liberator’ on the Internet. The plan allowed the manufacturing of a 3D-printable, single-shot handgun.…

June 5th 2019 0

Large-scale battery storage: Challenges and opportunities for technology and policy

Could a large-enough battery cushion the swings in wind and solar power? And can renewable energy be trusted, or are we just seeing technical challenges to implementation? In a recent review article published in MRS Energy & Sustainability, energ…

June 5th 2019 0

Why Are We Running Out of Time? A Business History Perspective on the Environmental Crisis

This special issue in Business History Review on Business and the Environment seeks to promote new approaches in business history designed to explore of the role of business in both creating and addressing the mounting environmental crisis that has become…

June 5th 2019 0

Towards a case for legally recognising and labelling ‘forced-to-penetrate’ cases as rape

Section 1 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 defines rape as the non-consensual and intentional penile penetration of the victim’s vagina, anus, or mouth by the perpetrator, and that the perpetrator does not have a reasonable belief in the victim&rsquo…

June 4th 2019 0

Affordable, healthy and sustainable diets across all income groups in the UK

The Nutrition Society Paper of the Month for April is from Public Health Nutrition and is entitled 'Healthy and sustainable diets that meet greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and are affordable for different income groups in the UK' by Authors …

June 3rd 2019 0

It Could Happen to You: How Perceptions of Personal Risk Shape Support for Social Welfare Policy in the American States

Social welfare policies are among the most salient and potentially controversial policies today. In virtually all western democracies, public support for the social safety net has changed significantly over time.…

June 3rd 2019 0

2019 John McMenemy Prize Nominees: Cheryl N. Collier and Tracey Raney

Interview with 2019 John McMenemy Prize Nominees Cheryl N. Collier and Tracey Raney; “Canada’s Member-to-Member Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment in the House of Commons: Progress or Regress?” Canadian Journal of Political Scienc…

June 3rd 2019 0

2019 John McMenemy Prize Nominee: Melanee Thomas

Interview with 2019 John McMenemy Prize Nominee Melanee Thomas; “In Crisis or Decline? Selecting Women to Lead Provincial Parties in Government.” Canadian Journal of Political Science 51 (2).…

June 3rd 2019 0

2019 John McMenemy Prize Nominee: Matt Wilder

Interview with 2019 John McMenemy Prize Nominee Matt Wilder; “Debating Basic Income: Distributive Justice and the Normative-Technical Nexus.” Canadian Journal of Political Science 51 (2).…

May 31st 2019 0

Dr Tom Crawford speaks to past winners of the Batchelor Prize

With the nomination period for the 2020 Batchelor Prize coming to a close at the end of the month (31st May 2019), Dr Tom Crawford spoke to the previous winners to find out more about the legacy of the award.

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June 3rd 2019 0

Celebrating Pride Month with

Happy Pride Month! At Automattic, we strive to be a platform that democratizes publishing so that anyone can share their stories. This month is a great reminder for why we work hard to expand the open web.

May 13th 2019 8

Publishing to WordPress from Bear Just Got Better

Sharing is a core part of the iOS experience, and WordPress is committed to helping people share their stories, products, or services freely and widely.  So when the fine folks at Shiny Frog—makers of the excellent writing app Bear—asked …

April 11th 2019 17

Boost Visitor Engagement and Grow Your Mailing List with the Mailchimp Block

Add a newsletter signup form to any post or page on your website so you can stay in touch with visitors and customers.

April 3rd 2019 53

Three New Color Schemes

We've launched three new color schemes to customize your dashboard!

April 1st 2019’s Parent Company Announces Happy Tools, a New Suite of Products for the Future of Work

Happy Schedule, our first offering, will help distributed teams manage employee schedules and customer support.

March 25th 2019 4

Electric Literature Moves to WordPress — Here’s How an Indie Publisher Thrives on the Open Web

Lessons from 10 years of publishing essays and fiction.

March 8th 2019 11

Gender Balance is a Business Issue

On gender balance, diversity, and inclusion at Automattic.

March 7th 2019 1

Join for an International Women’s Day Livestream Panel

On International Women’s Day this Friday, parent company Automattic is hosting four outstanding women tech leaders for a livestreamed conversation about professional advancement, technology, and mutual support as we strive for equity i…

March 6th 2019 4

Free Domain Privacy Protection

Every domain registered through includes privacy protection at no extra charge.

February 7th 2019 23

Introducing Six New Business-Oriented Themes

Elevate your business website with one of our six new free themes! Calm, sophisticated, friendly, professional, elegant, modern -- find the style that's just right for you.

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