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Academic Perspectives from Cambridge University Press.

November 19th 2018 0

Imagining Africa

The most common response I get when I tell a distant cousin or new acquaintance that I teach African politics remains the pithy one-liner, “Oh, I didn’t realise Africa had any politics!” Several centuries of Henry Stanley, Joseph Conrad …

November 14th 2018 0

Flipping the switch: How technology can help to prevent and address bullying

Bullying during childhood and adolescence has captured the attention of policymakers, practitioners, researchers, and citizens around the globe, bringing increased attention to this important issue. As a result, there has been an uptick in policies, resea…

November 13th 2018 0

Instead of focusing on how to cope with bullying, we need to think about how to end it

People around the world face discrimination based on their gender, race, sexuality, weight or age, among other characteristics. Being a victim of discrimination is associated with a range of negative outcomes. For example, sexual minorities (e.g., lesbian…

November 11th 2018 0

Bullying, Social Exclusion, and Intimate Partner Violence

Whether in politics, in the workplace, or on school playgrounds, bullying and aggression are relatively widespread in the United States. For instance, according to the Cyberbullying Research Center over a third of middle and high school students (circa 20…

November 10th 2018 0

Bullying: When does it Stop?

Bullying, or the ongoing and frequent misuse of power in a peer relationship, often in school, occurs throughout the world. Population base-rates are estimated to vary, averaging about 1/3 of pupils worldwide. Bullying can be thought of as being phys…

November 9th 2018 0

School Bullying: A Topic of International Importance

In 1988, during a family holiday in Norway, I met with Dan Olweus, a professor of psychology considered the founding father of school bullying research. He told me about the recent Norwegian National Campaign against bullying in schools, which had had som…

November 8th 2018 0

Gambling on War: Confidence, Fear, and the Tragedy of the First World War

Gambling on War: Confidence, Fear, and the Tragedy of the First World War is available now. This episode is also available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and Spotify.

November 7th 2018 0

Dr. Who and Nero

My interest in Roman history began before I could read, thanks to a wonderful picture-book on the Romans given to me as a Christmas present around 1950.  However, an early episode of Dr Who had an almost equally strong impact. I have been a fan of th…

November 6th 2018 0

Poetry and the Centenary of the First World War

When we first began to write about the poetry of the First World War, this current centenary lay some years ahead, and was only vaguely in our minds as a publishing end point. At the same time, the approach of the centenary made us think differently, perh…

November 5th 2018 0

This Is Where Antisemitism Leads

“This imbecile has us especially close to his heart. He makes no secret of his hateful feelings. He does not greet my wife at all and ignores me unless it’s for official business,” wrote Friedrich Kellner, courthouse administrator i…

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October 19th 2018 0

Leading phonetician, Klaus J. Kohler, invites you to discuss Communicative Functions and Linguistic Forms in Speech Interaction

Dear Reader of this Blog, Cambridge University Press has published the linguistic monograph Kohler, K. J. (2017). Communicative Functions and Linguistic Forms in Speech Interaction (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics 156). Cambridge: Cambridge University Pr…

October 16th 2018 0

Figures of Speech Competition Winners

We are delighted to announce the winner of the Figures of Speech linguistics cartoon competition. Congratulations to Jonas B. Wittke (a graduate student at Rice University, USA) and Jonathan Maki (an art teacher in Minneapolis) for winning the iPad Pro, A…

July 19th 2018 0

What are the linguistic consequences of Brexit?

Blog post written by Gordana Lalic-Krstin and Nadezda Silaski, authors of the article ‘From Brexit to Bregret: An account of some Brexit-induced neologisms in English’ recently published in English Today. What are the linguistic consequen…

June 21st 2018 0

The grammar of engagement

This blog post is written by Nicholas Evans, inspired by the Language and Cognition article “The grammar of engagement I: framework and initial exemplification” by Nicholas Evans, Henrik Bergqvist, and Lila San Roque. Read it online …

June 15th 2018 0

Linguistics Competition: Figures of Speech

Win an iPad Pro, Apple Pen, £100 of Cambridge University Press books and the chance to have your work seen by thousands! We are inviting academics, researchers, students and enthusiasts, from around the world, to share their passion for the sub…

March 30th 2018 0

Q & A: Registered Reports from Journal of Child Language

Beginning in summer 2018, Journal of Child Language will publish a new article format: Registered Reports. We asked two of the journal’s associate editors, Melanie Soderstrom and Elizabeth Wonnacott, a few questions about the introduction of this fo…

March 28th 2018 0

Q & A with new English Today Editor Andrew Moody

Welcome on board as Editor of English Today. What was it about the journal that attracted you to the post? Thank you for the warm welcome from CUP, and to the support and assistance I have been given in the month leading up to the formal installation…

March 23rd 2018 0

Where is Applied Linguistics headed? Cambridge Journal editors weigh in

In advance of the upcoming AAAL Annual Meeting in Chicago, we asked editors of Cambridge applied linguistics journals for their thoughts on the state of the field. Where is applied linguistics headed? Are there new approaches, methods or priorities that y…

March 13th 2018 0

‘World Englishes or English as a Lingua Franca: Where does English in China stand?

Blog post based on an article in English Today  The spread and development of the English language has triggered debates about issues related to language ideology, identity, and ELT. China is an important context where the popularity of English use a…

February 27th 2018 0

Learning Construction Grammars Computationally

Blog post by Jonathan Dunn, Ph.D. Construction Grammar, or CxG, takes a usage-based approach to describing grammar. In practice, this term usage-based means two different things: First, it means that idiomatic constructions belong in the grammar. For exam…

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November 20th 2018 0

Setting Up Your Site on a Mobile Device Just Got a Lot Easier

Need help with your new site? Quick Start on iOS and Android can help.

November 14th 2018 19

A New Way to Manage Your Pages on the WordPress Mobile Apps

An update to WordPress for iOS and Android.

November 6th 2018 9

Today is Election Day in the United States. Please Vote!

When you’re done casting a ballot, blog about it!

October 30th 2018 43

Introducing Activity

A complete record of everything that happens on your site.

September 28th 2018 41

New Theme: Photos

We designed our brand-new theme with photographers and photobloggers in mind.

September 25th 2018 15

National Voter Registration Day 2018

This election season, we're thrilled to partner with several nonpartisan voting initiatives.

September 12th 2018 35

Try Simplenote, Our Fast and Easy-to-Use Notes App

A great note-taking app can help with all kinds of daily routines like taking class notes, writing a shopping list, or jotting down ideas for your next great blog post. At Automattic, we love using Simplenote, which is an easy way to create notes, li…

August 31st 2018 21

New in the Business Plan: Jetpack Search

The Business plan combines fully managed hosting with the freedom to grow and scale your site without limits. Today we’re adding Jetpack Search to Business so you can enjoy powerful and fast on-site search functionality a…

August 14th 2018 24

Introducing the Simple Payment Widget

Take payments anywhere on your site.

August 2nd 2018 79

Introducing: A Diverse, Free Stock Photo Library

Diversity in visual representation matters.

Cambridge Library Collection


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March 20th 2015 0


Alas, and thrice woe (from my point of view anyway), this is my last ever blog for the Cambridge Library Collection. I now slip away into the sunset, leaving others to ramble on (or, even better, write snappily and coherently) … Continue reading &r…

March 16th 2015 1

Spring and Port Wine

 … is the name of a play and then a film about Bolton, in northern England. However, I’m borrowing the title because I’ve just spent a few spring days in (O)Porto, where the wine comes from. My Portuguese vocabulary has … Co…

March 10th 2015 2

The Wit and Wisdom of the Rev. Sydney Smith

Sydney Smith is described in his ODNB entry as ‘author and wit’, which somewhat overlooks the day job as a clergyman. In the two-volume ‘life and letters’ published in 1855 by his daughter Saba (a name he invented himself), she &he…

March 5th 2015 0

A Child’s History of England

The paths of the Cambridge Library Collection and Charles Dickens have crossed several times – remarkable, given that Dickens is (of course) one of Britain’s greatest novelists, and we don’t publish much fiction. But of the short experim…

March 3rd 2015 5

The Huguenots

I have mentioned before the industrious Samuel Smiles, Victorian believer in hard work and self-education (otherwise known as pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps) as the way to social improvement and financial prosperity. His 1867 work on the Hug…

February 27th 2015 3

The Diary of John Evelyn

One of my vital tools as a scribbler of blogs on books is a little pack of those things – I don’t even know what they are called – which you can stick on to a page to mark a … Continue reading →

February 23rd 2015 3

Illustrations of Roman London

Charles Roach Smith was born on the Isle of Wight in 1806, and reared by his mother and older sisters after his father’s death when he was six years old. He was educated in Hampshire, and then brought back to … Continue reading →

February 18th 2015 1


It’s really too early in the year for a blog on this topic: galanthophilia is in full swing around the country. But we have just received the first copy of Sweet’s Hortus Britannicus, Or, a Catalogue of Plants, Indigenous, or … Continue…

February 16th 2015 0

The Roll Call

…or, to give it its full title, Calling the Roll after an Engagement, Crimea, a large military history painting exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1874, was so popular as an exhibit that a policeman, ‘poor, hot man’, had to … Cont…

February 12th 2015 0

Winter Journey

Last Saturday, in ‘CD Review’ on BBC Radio 3, they discussed and played extracts from various new recordings of Schubert song cycles, of which the least satisfactory (in my view) was a Winterreise by a counter-tenor. Not the strangeness of &he…

Journals Blog


Advancing learning, knowledge and research.

November 20th 2018 0

Unlocking/Investigating records for North American climate change from 450 million year old teeth

Can tiny fossilized teeth from a prehistoric animal most closely resembling a lamprey provide crucial information about climatic change from over 450 million years ago?…

November 20th 2018 0

Insects as sources of iron and zinc in human nutrition

The Nutrition Society Paper of the Month for November is from Nutrition Research Reviews and is entitled ‘Insects as sources of iron and zinc in human nutrition’ by Authors: Martin Mwangi, Dennis Oonincx, Tim Stouten, Margot Veenenbos, Alida M…

November 20th 2018 0

Inaugural ICLQ publishing workshop: developing the next generation of legal authors and peer reviewers

The inaugural International & Comparative Law Quarterly (ICLQ) publishing workshop was held on Wednesday November 14th in London. The event was jointly organised by Cambridge University Press (CUP), the journal’s publisher, and the British Insti…

November 19th 2018 0

Business Responsibility for Freedom of Expression: Should Google Re-enter the China Internet Search Market?

As everyone throughout the world must have heard by now, Trump’s America is deeply divided. It’s not easy to unite Democrats, Republicans, and tech workers, but Google has managed to do just that.…

November 19th 2018 0

Fading stripes in Southeast Asia: first insight into the ecology and conservation of an elusive and threatened rabbit

Camera trap pictures don’t lie—and yet the animal on my computer screen was almost too fantastical to believe. This was no ordinary rabbit.…

November 16th 2018 0

Rang-Tan, Iceland and Greenpeace: How a cartoon orangutan opened up the debate on the politics of charity advertising

Introduction Clearcast’s decision to ‘ban’ the Christmas advertisement belonging to frozen food retailer Iceland backfired spectacularly last week with over 600,000 people signing an online petition calling for the ad to be allowed to ai…

November 15th 2018 0

Q&A with the new Editor-in-Chief of Wireless Power Transfer – Professor Nuno Borges Carvalho

Q: What do you think is distinctive about the journal, Wireless Power Transfer? A: Wireless Power Transfer is the only journal 100% dedicated to the topic of wireless power.…

November 15th 2018 0

Rice Growers Beware: Study finds 3 of 4 residual herbicides reduce crop performance

Fall-applied residual herbicides are often used to control glyphosate-resistant Italian ryegrass – especially in the Mid-South. But growers who use rice as a rotational crop need to beware.…

November 14th 2018 0

Livestock (grazing) systems provide a large diversity of ecosystem services

The animal article of the month for December is ‘Perception of livestock ecosystem services in grazing area‘ The interaction between livestock systems and their respective environments is complex.…

November 14th 2018 0

How we used Facebook to deliver information about retirement among Hispanic Women

We have all heard at some point about the crisis we are facing when it comes to financial planning for retirement, where people are not saving enough for retirement.…

November 13th 2018 0

Talking by means of the calligraphy brush

This blog accompanies Rebekah Clements’ Historical Journal article Brush talk as the ‘lingua franca’ of diplomacy in Japanese–Korean encounters, c.…

November 13th 2018 0

New population cut-offs for classifying child malnutrition levels

Public Health Nutrition Editorial Highlight: 'Prevalence thresholds for wasting, overweight and stunting in children under 5 years'.

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